NFL Wives And Girlfriends In 2023

February 21, 2023

Rachel Bush – Wife of Jordan Poyer 

Most of you might have already been familiar with the face of this charming lady since Jordan Poyer’s wife Rachel Bush is an American model. The 22-year-old fashion model has a warm skin tone and is hot as chocolate. 

Sasha Lee Dindayal

There would be none including women, who can unsee her snaps in bikinis. Her social media accounts are filled with pictures that are undeniably attractive, so it’s no wonder why Bush is mentioned here. 

Jordan Poyer and Rachel Bush met each other on Twitter in 2015 and immediately felt the connection. 3 years later, in February 2018, the duo got married, and they have been leading a better life since then. 

Elise Pollard Tate – Wife of Golden Tate 

Elise Pollard Tate is an attractive woman who stole the heart of Golden Tate in 2012. The duo married after 5 years of dating and currently is a smashing couple in the NFL.

Elise Pollard Tate

The 35-year-old Elise Pollard is a housewife and she prefers to spend time with her family. She is definitely a hottie. 

Elisse Pollard Tate and Golden Tate were married in 2017; reportedly, they do not have any children yet. 

Elizabeth Smith – Wife of Alexander Smith 

Like a husband, like a wife. The former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, Elizabeth Barry, looks similar to her NFL player husband, Alexander Smith.

Elizabeth Smith

They both are tall, fair, and blonde. Most probably, their eye colors are also similar. How strange is that?

Anyway, all these qualities make both men and women look stunning, and therefore, Elizabeth Smith is, of course, one of the hottest NFL wives in 2023. 

The pair tied the knot in 2017 and have three cute children. Although the mum of three is 36 now, she doesn’t look her age, but only younger. 

Sasha Lee Dindayal – Wife of Antonio Gates 

Sasha is another warm-toned goddess in our list of 10 hottest football wives in 2023. She is a singer as well as an established model. But she rose to fame with her famous part in the 2000 film Soul Food. 

Sasha Lee Dindayal

It is true that Sasha is respected for her profession, but she is also adored for the way she looks. Her impeccable fashion sense coupled with her natural features including her Trinidadaina tan and black hair make her look extraordinarily pretty. 

Even if you ask her followers, they must be following her on Instagram just to get inspired by her outfits. 

Antonio Gates married Sasha in 2011 and ever since they have been living happily together. 

Marissa Powell – Wife of Kyle Van Noy 

Marissa Powell is next on our list of NFL hottest wives in 2023. She is the wife of Kyle Van Noy since 2014. This NFL stunner has an incredible personality and she also holds a great physical structure.

Marissa Powell

Prior to their marriage, Marissa was featured in a 2015 film titled Ballers. She was also dubbed ‘ ‘Miss Utah ” in 2013 and the icon is multi-talented as she is also quite good at singing.

Olivia Culpo – Wife of Christian McCaffrey 

In the entire list of hottest NFL wives, Olivia Culpo is the only one who holds three beauty pageant titles including Miss U.S.A, Miss World 2012, and Miss Rhode Island

Olivia Culpo

You can already see why Olivia Culpo is one of the hottest NFL wives.

She is also the most followed NFL wife in 2023 with gnarly 5 million followers on Instagram. She is also a fashion influencer which is one of the reasons why many are dragged toward her Gram profile.

She has previously dated the former American wide receiver Danny Amendola and the popular American singer Nick Jonas. However, currently, she is madly in love with the popular NFL player Christian McCaffrey. 

Ciara – Wife of Russel Wilson 

Ciara is a famed American singer, model, and dancer. She is one of the most beautiful and hottest NFL wags. 


Since she is a dancer, you can imagine how flexible and curved her body would be. Like what you just imagined, or she may be ravishing beyond your imagination. 

She previously dated phenoms like 50 Cent, Trey Songs, Future, Bow Wow, Ludacris, and Cam Newton, but finally took marital vows with the Seattle Seahawks player Russel Wilson in 2016. 

Brittany Matthews – Wife of Patrick Mahomes 

Here is another blonde! 

Brittany Matthews, wife of Patrick Mahomes has been a fitness freak, and therefore there is no question about her physique. About her facial features, she has brown eyes and a perfect smile. What more would a guy dream for?


Perhaps, her looks must have been one of the reasons why Patrick Mahomes was attracted to her. They have a child together

Gisele Bundchen – Wife of Tom Bardy 

The Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen is the second most beautiful NFL wife in 2023. She is certainly deserving to be on the list of NFL hottest wives. 

Gisele Bundchen _

She is such a woman who will simply send a man to his fanciful thoughts. However, the lucky one was Tom Bargdy as he settled with the beauty queen in 2009 and now they have two children. 

Katherine Webb – Wife of AJ McCarron 

The 33-year-old American native, Katherine Webb is our hottest NFL Wife in 2023.  She is an American fashion saga and is currently in a romantic relationship with NFL player AJ McCarron.   

Katherine Webb

In 2012, Katherine was dubbed Miss Alabama and in 2013 she gained more attention after the broadcast of the BCS National Championship game. 

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